Towe Crane

Prominent characteristics
> They improve the characteristics in wind opposition.

> They diminish autocrane size for assembling and disassembling.

> They minimize transport occupation’s volume.

> They optimize to the maximum crossing with other cranes in interaction’s situations.

> They don’t need toes, special suspenders…

> Los contrapesos aéreos no disponen de varillas, con lo que se evitan pérdidas de las mismas, roturas, etc.

> Air counterweights have not rods, so that avoids their loosing and their breaking.

> They have autostable Heights, with special sections up to 70 meters under hook.

Modelos disponibles

We represent in Castellón province to the mark IT GRUAS, which has a wide range of tower cranes:

IT36-2F 36 mts. 1.000 kg. 2.500 kg.
IT42-2F 42 mts. 1.000 kg. 2.500 kg.
IT46-2F 49 mts. 800 kg. 2.500 kg.
  46 mts. 1.000 kg. 2.500 kg.
IT50-2F 50 mts. 1.000 kg. 2.500 kg.
IT54-2F 54 mts. 1.000 kg. 2.500 kg.
IT66-4F 66 mts. 1.000 kg. 6.000 kg.

About us

We are a young company which initiates its activities in January 2004, but we possess an extensive experience in the construction machinery’s sector.


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