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Prominent characteristics
Work platform PW-CR has its three changeable dimensions:

> Length, from 2,6 to 29,1 m.

> Width, from 1,3 to 2,1 m.

> Height from 1,5 to 120 m.


> They have high safety for workmen, that allows them centring on their work.

> They give big performances in blocks, marble, closing, walls - curtains, sheets, etc.

> And they also give big performances in building’s restoration, painting, ended plastering, isolations, etc.

Available models

Our technical office will take charge in realizing the design that it will be installed in the work later:

L. Monocolumna PW-CR/10 7 m. 1.000 kg.
L. Bicolumna PW-CR/20 20,1 m. 2.000 kg.
M. Monocolumna PW-CR/18 10 m. 1.800 kg.
 M. Bicolumna PW-CR/35 29,1 m. 3.500 kg.