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Material hoist

Prominent characteristics

> They emphasize their rapidity, hardiness and capacity of their platforms as characteristics in voluminous load’s transport.


> They have flip-top platform’s doors with electrical interlock and zipper’s detector, limited safety centrifugal, last element without zipper.

> Closing bases or safety grid.

> And speed  constrainer and progressive action’s brake.

Available models

The brand TORGAR has these models:

Light series T3/CR/05 500 kg.
Médium series T3/CR/10 1.000 kg.
Médium series T3/CR/15 1.500 kg.
 Heavy series T3/CR/20 2.000 kg.
Heavy series T3/CR/25 2. 500 kg.
Personnel T1/CR/05 500 kg.
Personnel T1/CR/10 1.000 kg.
Wire-rop T2/CSF/7,5 750 kg.
Wire-rop T2/CSF/10 1.000 kg.